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Ready Pump

Ready Pump

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Ready Pump is a small, self-contained dosing pump that can be used by a human, microcontroller, or PLC.

Ready Pump has been designed to be very easy to set up and use. Set your dispensing dose through the user interface, no computer programing required.

Ready Pump offers two modes of operation:

Continuous dosing 105ml/min (water)
Programmable dosing 0.5mL – 10 liters



Modes of operation: 
Continuous dosing105ml/min
Programmable dosing0.5mL – 10 liters
Pump control: 
Human operatorPush button
Machine controlPLC or microcontroller
CalibrationSingle point
Supplied tubing: 
Tubing length75 cm (2.5′)
Tubing materialTygon A-60-F
General info: 
Accuracy+/- 1%
Pump head8.1 meters (26.5’)
Food safeNSF/ANSI 51 Food Safe Compliant
Enclosure protectionIP 61 Indoor use only
Power supply12VDC 1 Amp

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What's Included?

1x Ready pump housing

1x Pump casette

2x Tubing connector

1x tubing

1x PSU

1x Graduated cylinder

1x Dispense button

1x Extension cable

1x PLC connector


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